Thursday, August 01, 2013


Apologies for being near-absent a few weeks on TheVintagent, but I've been finishing my contribution to the BikeExif book, 'The Ride', published by Gestalten in Berlin, which I co-wrote with Chris Hunter, David Edwards (Bike Craft, Cycle World), and Gary Inman (Sideburn).  Gestalten publishes big, beautiful art books; this is their first motorcycle book, but as 'The Ride' is already #1 on Amazon's 'motorcycle' search results, they'll likely publish another!  I met with Robert Klanten (publisher at Gestalten), in both Biarritz (for Wheels and Waves) and in his offices in Berlin; as a lifelong rider, he's the perfect guy to pursue the subject.

'The Ride' is a survey of contemporary Custom motorcycle-building culture via the BikeExif slant - ie, what's cool and new-school, and the current trends in various 'styles' - Cafe Racer, Bobber, Board Tracker, Street Tracker, Chopper, etc.  And finally, of course, it's possible to hold a book in your hands to look at these machines, rather than pixellated images limited to 250kb/32dpi....

The book is available on special offer via now.  And of course, I'm in the middle of writing a second book!  Based on the 'Ton Up!' exhibit which I'm installing -right now- in Sturgis, for Bike Week, all about Cafe Racer culture from the 50s to today - bikes, art, photography, writing.  It will be published by Motorbooks, and I'll keep you posted on developments!

Here's the unwieldy link to the Amazon order page (sorry, my iPad Blogger app doesn't do hyperlink text!)


GuitarSlinger said...

Hopefully its also available at ones local Independent bookseller also as I prefer to keep my money close to home whenever possible .... or at the very least .. thru Barnes & Noble ... cause I wants the book badly ... and don't do no _____ Amazon ...

Finally ... a PdO book ..... in print ... with another on the way . I'll be making room for both on the shelves and looking forward to the reads . Lets see now ... Plenty of ' Joe ' on hand ? Yup . A good brew or two as well as a wee dram now and again ? Yup . Tobacco for the pipe ? .... Oops ! ... Had to give that one up for health reasons .... oh well .... Yup .... I'm ready .

Now Paul ... once the 2nd book is on its way to the publisher .... think you might make a couple of those ' wet plate ' photographs available for sale in print form as well ?

Phill said...

Looks great. Your link's not working though Paul. Try this one:


paul a'barge said...

Dude, Kindle !

Leslie Lim said...

Wonderful put up, very informative. You must continue your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a great readers’ base already!