Friday, September 05, 2014


Buddy Holly's 1958 Ariel Cyclone, a rare twin-cylinder sports model
It's well known that Waylon Jennings owned Buddy Holly's 1958 Ariel Cyclone twin (I wrote an article on the bike in 2011 - click here).  After Holly was killed in the famous 'day the music died' plane crash in the Winter of '59, his family kept the bike until 1970.  Friends of Waylon Jennings bought it back from the interim owner in 1979, as a gift for Jennings' 42nd birthday, as he played bass with Buddy Holly's Crickets, and was scheduled to be on the fatal crash, but JP 'Big Bopper' Richardson asked if he could take Jennings' seat, as he'd been sick with the flu and didn't want an overland trip in bad winter weather.  Jennings died in 2002, and now his family is auctioning off his musical instruments, memorabilia, and Holly's Ariel.
The Crickets with their Triumphs, and Holly with his Ariel in 1958.
The auction is Sunday, October 5th in Phoenix AZ, and more info can be gleaned at the website.

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artist said...

The other musician with a seat on the ill fated plane out of Clearlake Iowa was Richie Valens. I take every chance I have to make clear what I know about him. My older stepsister went to Pacoima High school with Richie. He came to my step sister's 16th birthday party. My stepfather tossed him and two of his friends out of our house. They brought beer. I went to all six years and kindergarten with Richie's Donna's younger sister Sunny. They lived at the other end of our block. Donna's Dad didn't stop her from seeing Richie because he was Mexican, but because he drank beer at fifteen. He was a great artist, and we all lost by having him parish so young. Thanks.