Saturday, November 08, 2014


Putt Mossman being pulled on the dirt of Empire Speedway in Sydney, behind his c.1930 Indian Model 402 4-cylinder 
A video of the legendary1920s/30s motorcycle acrobat and showman Putt Mossman has recently surfaced in Australia, where he was practicing for a show on the Empire Speedway in Sydney in 1936.  The footage is spectacular even today, and shows what all the fuss was about!  I published a story on Mossman back in 2009 (read the story here), and a Google search for information by the film's owners led them to  Here's the note:

"Hi Paul, 
Mark from the YouTube Channel Super100MPH here. We are an Australian motor racing site and we were recently given some vhs tapes, one of which included this amazing footage of Putt Mossman practicing for Empire Speedways in 1936. We didn't know anything about Putt, being mainly a car channel. We found your blog and a story from 2009 and we thought you and your readers may enjoy this rare footage.
All the best, Mark and Tim from Super100MPH"

More importantly, here's the film!

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