Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Our new AMG Sprinter - the 180mph mobile darkroom.
As announced this morning on our new Instagram account (@wetplatevan), my photographic partner Susan McLaughlin and I have embarked on a 3-year world tour in our new Sprinter, a gift from our sponsor Mercedes-Benz.  They've generously loaned us their latest model, the AMG Sprinter with a turbocharged V8 engine (developing 503hp), which will make short work of the long-distance touring we've got planned.   And when the going gets rough, it's got adjustable ride-height air shocks and 4WD, so mountain passes in the Andes or Himalayas won't be a bother.

Will we be in your town?  We'll try!  Bring out your bike!
Follow our MotoTintype World Tour on,, and on our Instagram feed (@thevintagent, @suzieheartbreak, @wetplatevan); we started this morning in San Francisco, and had passed Tijuana by noon!  'Haulin' ass for photographs'.  Check our route map to see if we're passing through your town; maybe we'll shoot you!
Wet Plates make even Fat-tire choppers look cool.
We're happy to make action shots too, if you can keep your bike still for 3 seconds...
Wet Plates: making middle-aged men look like heroes since 1850.
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GuitarSlinger said...

Brother ... everyone used that AMG Sprinter mockup as an April Fools joke yesterday . The biggest joke though is ... Mercedes just might decide to build it ... because of all the interest the fooling around has created .. Now thats .... Irony ... at its very finest

Junior said...

503 hp, c'est un très, très gros poisson ...