Monday, June 22, 2015


BMW's concept homage to Wheels&Waves - the Path22
While in the south of France for the Wheels&Waves festival last week, BMW revealed its concept surf-moto, the 'Path22' - a reference to the forest service road Vincent Prat takes to his favorite surf spot north of Biarritz.  With paint by Ornamental Conifer and a custom surfboard by Mason Dyer, Path22 is a lovely homage to an event which has become the premier festival in the world in just 4 years.  There's more on WheelsandWaves coming shortly in, but here's a teaser I wrote for  I'll add the first two paragraphs: for the rest you'll have to click here and head to Cycle World.

Paul d’Orleans 2015
Nicolai Sclater, otherwise known as 'Ornamental Conifer', painted the Path22 by hand in his signature avant style
The Southsiders MC, organizers of the Wheels&Waves festival in Biarritz, have been tearing up the Basque Pyrenees every June since2009.  There were 10 of us that year, and six years later the gang has grown to 10,000.  The first official edition of Wheels&Waves appeared in 2012, and was modest by comparison, but smelled of gunpowder. The artists, writers, builders, and publishers who participated knew something was up, and it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world felt the blast.
Robert Klanten of Gestalten (my publisher for 'The Ride' and 'The Chopper'), and Chris Hunter of BikeExif get the tour of the Path22's features from BMW head motorcycle designer Ola Stenegard 

BMW was the first brand to sign on with Wheels & Waves the following year, as  ‘Sonic’ Seb Lorentz (of Lucky Cat Garage) cajoled his bosses at BMW France to literally take a stand.  It was a shrewd move, and their presence has grown yearly, first bringing historic machines to display (a pair of Ernst Henne’s supercharged world speed record missiles), then revealing special collaborations, like the Blitz R9T custom, with the world’s first 3d-printed fuel tank...(Read the rest here) 
Details of the fun paint job - not the typical BMW effort!  But it's all about fun...a new direction for BMW


Don OReilly said...

Nice Beemer, I love the paint job!
that board is quite a tanker... is there some type of counterweight on the left side?

Thr French Owl said...

Dear me...

They could turn the surf 90 deg, put a wheel on it, and eh presto, BMW has reinvented the side hawk...

Are people that stupid these days they can't build proper customs anymore...

What's the next hype???


Guitarslinger said...

When I first saw this in print I thought .. " how silly can we get? " But on second look ... " hey ... thats actually kind of cool " ... But then I read in the text that BMW has no plans to market the surf board rack etc and thought ... What a wasted opportunity ....

Psssst ; BMW ! The last part is intended as a hint . In other words ... manufacture the damn things . Guaranteed .. they will come

And yeah ... its not a ' custom ' per se . Far from it actually . But as a concept there's sure some marketable bits on the bike BMW needs to reconsider placing into production

And err ... Paul ? A feature on this years W&W's por favor seeing as how SS'ders doesn't seem to be doing one ?

Webb Rowan said...

Isn't it wonderful when you're able to customise something to your liking. And not only that, but to have your bike showcase what you love at the same time. That's priceless.