Sunday, July 12, 2015

'THE CHOPPER: THE REAL STORY' REVIEWED, which features 'authoritative reviews of transport books and media', has seen fit to review my most recent book 'The Chopper; the Real Story', and to their great credit they've clearly read it cover to cover (and noted its 60,000 word content).  They also grasped my intention for the book; to provide a new context for understanding the chopper thing, as a uniquely American phenomenon akin to Jazz, Rock n' Roll, the Beat scene, and Abstract Expressionism. The chopper can be understood as a Folk Art movement with deep roots in a multi-racial American counterculture, as my research demonstrates in the book.  I'd be honored if you'd give it a read; 'The Chopper' can be found on, or from the publisher Gestalten for slightly more, but with a limited-edition slipcase and groovy '99%er' patch.

Read the review on here!

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GuitarSlinger said...

Forget about the reviews regardless of how good they are . I've had a copy since the day it was released . Tore thru it in less than a day because it wouldn't let me go .

If you have any interest at all in custom bikes in general and choppers specifically ....j ust buy a copy . Though to be honest I'm kind of surprised in light of it being a limited edition there's any copies left to be had .