Thursday, May 05, 2016


Buy your tickets HERE for the Quail Motorcycle Gathering on May 14th, 2016
It's Quail time again!  What's become the best moto-Concours show in America has its 8th edition next week, with the Quail Ride (an instant sellout - fehgeddaboutit) on Friday May 13th, and the Quail Motorcycle Gathering on Saturday May 15th.  The show gained real traction about 3 years ago, with participants and machines coming from all over the US and abroad, as word spread about the superb facilities and organization of the Quail Lodge event.  This year there's a Cycle World tour on Saturday morning - click here for details - for those not quick enough to snatch Quail Ride tickets, and the roads around Carmel Valley are fantastic.
Cycle World will lead a ride through the winding roads of Carmel Valley on Saturday morning
There aren't many motorcycle shows where you can rub elbows with World Champion GP racers (Kenny Roberts, Wayne Rainey, and Eddie Lawson are regulars) and superstars like Mert Lawill, while strolling in a beautiful spot, eating fantastic food (and drinks!) and looking at a world-class selection of motorcycles.  The Quail is top-class, as anyone who's attended knows, and why more folks show up every year.  Still, it never feels crowded, as the facility simply expands as necessary, and more vendor/exhibit/food/champagne tents line the field. The Quail put together a terrific video of last year's event, check it out:
As usual, I'll be your emcee for the event, and if I can duck out of Concours judging duty this year, might have time for a chat if you collar me on the field.  I definitely prefer offers of a ride on your groovy bike!
The cool mix of machines typical of the Quail's field display
Taking care of emcee duties with the captain of the ship, Gordon McCall
Fringe benefits; riding the rare and unique!  In this case, a 1930 HRD-Vincent Python
Be there!
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Riley said...

Sick bikes, love seeing stuff like this. Thanks for the post!

Rhynchocephalian said...

ah, now if there was only something like this in New England...! Have a great time, hope many take you up on trying out cool groovy machines!

David said...

Thanks for your post. I really love bike cycling and most stuff like this. Great for cycling everyday, bike addiction!

Russel said...

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